Our Story

“If you decompose Greece, all you will find in the end is an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat, which means : These is all you need to compose it again” 

– Odysseas Elytis –

That is how it all started in 2015 during the Greek economic crisis … in a cretan vineyard with a couple of olive trees and our dreams as a boat. The idea of making orange wine from local cretan varieties was what brought us together … Kjetil and Cathie from Norway with Nikolas and Kostas from Crete. The initial field of action was some hectares of vineyard near the traditional village of Alagni 25km south of Heraklion, a region with constant wine making tradition from the Minoan Age. We already knew that the production of natural orange wine from local varieties was an effort that demanded perennial experimentation with traditional fermentation techniques originated from the region of Caucasus. Each year, our experimental wines were kept in replicas of Minoan amphoras buried for 9 months in αn underground burrow we opened at the side of our vineyard. Our first wines were released in 2019.

Meanwhile, our passion for high quality craft products and the world of flavors and aromas in general, soon turned our attention to craft brewing in which Kjetil had already a long experience as the founder of the 1st Norwegian craft brewery and one of the front men of the European craft beer revolution. In 2015 the craft beer production in Greece was extremely limited. We focused on quality, producing fresh, unpasteurized and unfiltered beer. In 3 years we created more than 30 labels through contract brewing – half of which,  in collaboration with acknowledged international breweries – winning soon the title of the best Greek brewery according to Untappd international rating platform. Besides, charmed by the aromatic, full of character world of premium craft Gins we could not resist the idea of crafting the 1st Gin with cretan botanicals.

In 2018, the moment we ve been long dreaming of came true with the installation of our own brewery in Heraklion, where we continue developing the craft beer culture in Greece, expanding gradually our activities and distribution network in Northern Europe with a second production line through strategic collaborations.

Our Products

It all starts from the gratification our senses experience through the world of flavors and aromas. If this gratification is what initially made us indulge in the aromatic, flavorful world of alcoholic craft beverages, the joy of creation and sharing is what made us go a step further : To dedicate our life in producing alcoholic craft beverages … products rich in flavor, aromas and emotion, products inspired by nature and human tradition, natural products of exquisite quality with minimum artificial means …

Our People

At the core of craft production and culture and behind every craft product lie people … the labor, the dreams, the experiences, the personality, the values and the philosophy of the craftsman are all embedded in the product in a way that the one inevitably defines the other.

Founder, Head Brewer and product Developer

Retired airline pilot of Scandinavian Airlines, founder of Nøgne Ø (Norway’s first craft brewery) and first commercial Sake producer in Norway

General Manager

Travel author and photographer, lover of travelling, good drinks and food

Marketing Communications Manager

Marketing specialist, events producer, writer & traveler

Αrea Sales Manager

Senior Sales executive, lover of food and Cretan traditions, former entrepreneur and manager in the restaurant industry

Exports Manager

Former Export Manager & Kurabito at Nøgne Ø brewery. Passion in gastronomy, beverages, cooking and travel.

Brewer and product Developer

Graduand of agriculture school at technological Institute of Heraklion with long experience in homebrewing. Loves astronomy and craft beverages.

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