Our first raki (tsikoudia)

After the harvest in mid-September, we set aside 7 barrells of «strafylo» to ferment ready for distillation in the next month. 5 of the barrells were filled with Plyto while 2 with Vidiano grape variety. In October 22nd, it was time to distill at local Alagni Kazani owned by Leonidas. While waiting the distillation to finish, we spent the day in jovial [...]

“Σολο …Your Cretan Craft Beer” Our first brew!

When we discovered that Zythognosia was to be organized in Athens in October, we were very enthusiastic.  But for us it was too early.  Our brewery was not operational yet. Then we came to think about contract brewing.  But where and who could help us?  After a quick phone call to Yannis at Charma, or Cretan Brewery as its formal [...]


With deep roots going back in time from the Minoan era,  this art of making amphora continues  to exist today.  Finding such trade  at a nearby village of Thrapsano is definately the best thing for us. After a lengthy research, we found Manolis Moutsakis – the best potter in the area to undertake the project of making 12 amphoras  in [...]

Grapes and Gratification