…at last, the harvest!

Everything is now ready and we wait patiently but with a natural anxiety to start harvesting.

This year has been the worst for the vineyards for the last 30 years, as we are told by neighbors vine growers.

This is definitely something we experienced deep in our skin, since the crop we have chosen is completely organic and it was difficult to combat successfully cholera, mildew and of course berry moth (Lobesia botrana) that this year visited Crete with a huge population!

Our goal is to do some tests that from 2017 will define which wine (orange wine) will eventually come up and bottled.

So after long waiting, since the weather didn’t allow us to harvest earlier (the bomme scores were particularly low), sometime in early to mid-September the time came, the feast of harvest finally launched and the traditional amphoras that patiently waited were filled.

We filled twelve amphoras all with local varieties and unique aromas. Plyto, Vidiano, Muscat Spinas, Mantilari and Kotsifali took their place and now its time’s job to bring the results…

Ps: This year we will produce varietal raki from Vidiano varieties and Plyto, but this is an other photo story…

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