Distilling Raki (2016 harvest)

Autumn has arrived in Crete and the distilling cauldrons are once again on fire to distill the traditional cretan Tsikoudia …

So, we got our barrels, filled with pressed grapes (Strafylo) from Plyto and Vidiano varieties harvested in August, the essential pairings (meat, grocery, some bottles of last year’ s wine and Σόλo craft beer) and headed to the distillery of Leonidas at the village of Alagni. Soon, the first guests arrived, among others a group of Norwegian friends & relatives of Kjetil, who were really looking forward to experience the production process of Crete’s ” national ” drink.

Glasses were filled with wine or beer warming our hearts, while the long tables of the distillery soon got full with traditionally cooked wild rabbit, grilled steaks, potatoes, cheese, raw cauliflower, salads etc. Until sunset the first drops of Tsikoudia sneaked into our glasses triggering a traditional cretan ” Glenti ” with fine Cretan music & traditional dances that lasted till dawn …

Looking forward to the next one … Cheers !                 


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