Οrange wine … the first tasting

It is the moment which every winemaker waits for with anxiety … the moment where his efforts are transformed into wine and his anxiety gives ground to the joy of gratification. This is how we felt when, after six months of anticipation, we opened our twelve amphoras to taste our orange wines. The flavors that flood in the limited underground space predisposed us towards the outcome, which – to our relief – stood equal to the memorable, big Georgian & other orange wines that we still had in our palate. At the photos attached, you can see our orange wine from the native variety of Vidiano posing its gingery, rich in tannins, body. Α daring, brave wine with a subtle metallic taste & α strong, durable but delicate aftertaste.

May it be well drunk !

PS More news coming soon as we will let it rest a little bit more underground …

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