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It all started a long time ago.  And it started with good flavours and the respect for good food and drinks.

This in turn made Norwegian airline pilot Kjetil Jikiun to start Norway’s first real craft brewery in 2002.  His wife Cathie, from Malaysia, did not care that much for craft beer initially, but after years of hard work in the brewery, she also got to respect good craft beer.

To make a long story short: Cathie and Kjetil ended up with some partners who wanted to take their brewery in a new and more industrial direction.  And as if they had let cuckoo chicklets into their nest, these partners started to take over control of their company.

But life is too short for fighting.  Cathie and Kjetil took the leap and identified a new target for their energy and creativity:  The beautiful island of Crete.

In 2015 the company Grapes and Gratification was founded.  But this time without partners.  It was time for their first solo-flight!!!!

Our Mission

  • To create wonderful flavours
  • To respect, keep and develop Crete’s great wine making traditions
  • To create the most beautiful and interesting winery/brewery
  • To spread the word about good flavours and aromas
  • To make friends and to develop good friendship
  • To have fun

The Plan

Grapes and Gratification has purchased vineyards near Alagni, about 25 km south of Heraklion.  This area is at an elevation of 480 meters, where the summers are relatively breezy and cool.  The grape varieties are the indigenous varieties of Plyto and Vidiano.  The plan is to make a winery by the vineyards and to make natural orange wines in the traditional way of fermenting in amphoras.   We are very fortunate to have potteries in nearby villages, where they have traditions for making pottery of extremely high quality for thousands of years.

But surely we cannot turn our backs against craft beer.  There will be a brewery, for sure.  The ambition:  to make people understand and respect beer.  There will be hand crafted IPAs and Saisons.  Hopefully in 2016!

The plan is to build a winery and a brewery by the vineyards, to make natural orange wines in the traditional way of fermenting in amphoras, and to create hand crafted beers IPAs and Saisons, always depending on the season and our mood.

Σολο Craft Beer

“Σολο …Your Cretan Craft Beer” is the label of the new Cretan beer, which from next year will be available in Greek market. In our plans is to create types of beer that will surely be a pleasant surprise for beer lovers.

In a few months the Σολο Beer will be ready for distribution and enjoyment!

The People

Get to know us better

Nikolas LoukakisGeneral Manager

Born in 1978
100% Cretan
Travel author and photographer
Lover of travelling, enjoying good drinks and food
Today General Manager of Grapes and Gratification

Kjetil JikiunFounder - Brewmaster

Born in 1964
Retired airline pilot (Scandinavian Airlines)
Founder of Nøgne Ø, Norway’s first craft brewery
First person to make sake commercially in Norway
Today founder of Grapes and Gratification.

Our News


Distilling Raki (2016 harvest)

Autumn has arrived in Crete and the distilling cauldrons are once again on fire to distill the traditional cretan Tsikoudia ... So, we got our barrels, filled with pressed grapes (Strafylo) from Plyto and Vidiano varieties harvested in August, the essential pairings (meat, grocery, some bottles of last year' s wine and Σόλo craft beer) and headed to the distillery of Leonidas at [...]

Orange wine : From pots … to bottles

Early June and the first, really hot, summer days found us in our vineyards, bottling our first bottles of orange wine from the experimental vinification of native Cretan varieties such as Plito and Vidiano, as well as our red wine from Kotsifali and Mandilari varieties. After almost ten months of anticipation, the alcoholic fermentation has been completed, the aromas have [...]

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